Friday, February 27, 2009

Graphical User Interface for R

Since some of you seem to be struggling with R's interface, where you type commands and you have to know the R functions.

There is an attractive package called R Commander which provides a menu interface for R. You work in a special window and most of the useful R functions are available as options in menus.

On the left, you see a snapshot of R Commander (on a Macintosh).

How do you get R Commander? It is easy -- you just install the package Rcmdr from CRAN. This package uses a number of other R packages. If you don't have these other packages installed yet, then R will automatically install these (it takes a little while -- be patient).

One of my former students who teaches at Youngstown State uses R Commander in his statistics classes. He says "Rcmdr is really cool, and the students eat it up."

Anyway, you might want to try this. You can run the functions in LearnEDA by first loading it and typing commands (like lval) in the top window.

Let me know if you find this helpful, since I haven't done much with it.

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